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    The Lantern Festival is our traditional festival, is also the last day of the lunar New Year, the fifteenth day of the lantern, on this day, people will eat yuanxiao, go to the flower market, to admire the lanterns, fireworks, guess riddles, dragon dance lion dance, the best blessing to the spring.

    We just finished eating a family reunion dinner, dad said to take me to see lanterns, I am very happy. Early in the evening, the moon is up in the sky. A few stars naughty to blink my eyes. The silvery moon around lanterns with me together. Our family with the boisterous crowd to flower market. "Little fish" is I know dad around the neck, she glo-sticks in hand, on the head with a red ox horn, dressed in a red coat. With a happy smile on his face.

    Streets, everywhere decorated, all kinds of electronic lanterns, can call a person too many things to see, as the waves of sound XuanSheng, two dragons, cross flying among the crowd.

    At this moment, a few loud bangs, beautiful fireworks barrage in the open air, some like a chrysanthemum, some like the snow in June, some like the stars of the sky, there are like colorful flowers.

    Night, admire the lanterns people face is permeated with satisfaction, happiness, cozy look left.







    Ushered in the annual "Lantern Festival". To celebrate "yuanxiao" fireworks are popular all over the country, yuanxiao is not exceptional also this year, dad bought me a $one hundred worth of fireworks, this can be more one hundred yuan to buy fireworks, there are two value of 25 yuan "all over the sky star," there are two boxes of "fluorescence line", there is a row of "bee", also have three packs of "small rocket", and...

    The night of the Lantern Festival, the streets here, flowing, crowded packed; Smoke in the sky, colorful. Look at everyone with fireworks, I also can't wait to come up with a "baby", lit it fuses, soon see fireworks fly into the air blast scattered pieces of colorful flowers, cheering people around "wow! How nice!" At this time I feel very proud.

    Then, more and more people, the more excited I picked up the "small rocket", only to hear "sou" with a straight at the clouds take, 1 of "boom" is falling down.

    All of a sudden, a light "kongmin light" slowly up to you and the people around you are continuously suspected with the lamp, seems to be the heart pray: "kongmin light to illuminate my future way!"

    That night, people gradually dispersed in the streets, and I also with my father and mother went home.






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